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Ornamented Elephant

The piece shown here is an elephant, adorned with flowers and jewellery and is monolithic, which means it is carved out of a single stone. It weighs around 150gms and is a perfect gift item. Learn More

Decorative Bowl

This intricately designed decorative bowl can either be used to store dry fruits or be used as a standalone ornamental showpiece for your living room. Its water proof and scratch resistant. It weighs Learn More

Blue flower vase

This elegant design is a visual treat for all flower lovers. This is a waterproof vase. You can either keep artificial flowers or scented natural ones. It can be cleaned periodically to retain its Learn More

Art Post

This piece of art comes coated with detailed designs, adding a lot of presentation value to the room. Weighing a little over 70 gms, it can be bought as a gift or be bought as a decorative item. Learn More

Timber Elephants

These warrior elephants come in pairs, each weighing a little over 100 gms. Slates of marble have been put on the back of the elephants to emphasise its gait and valour. Learn More

Wooden Pot

This is an absolutely brilliant piece of work done by someone who has hailed from Maharashtra. Kuthak's family settled down in Assam. They earn their bread and butter by making beautiful, intricate Learn More

Mandy's Marble clock

This cute little innovative marble design is a piece of work. It took 3 craftsmen to create each part of the design. Their synchronised efforts have led to the creation of a beautiful masterpiece. Learn More

Flower Vase

This beautiful navy blue piece of ceramic is a 16inchX5inch vase. The design is kept very simple yet it offers an elegant tone to the entire room. Zoom in to look at its intricate artwork. Learn More


Iron artwork has picked up momentum in the market in the recent few years and vastly remained a popular choice among the art aficionados. You can keep it in your living room or in the balcony. It Learn More


No its not Apple Newstand, this is a real Newstand to store your most valued books. It has an iron framework and can be made foldable. You can adjust the size to incorporate fully sized magazines as Learn More

Bamboo Bucket

This delectable bamboo bucket can be used both as a decorative piece and as a plant pot in the balcony. Its high tensile strength and durability make it sustain heat, rain and the dust. Learn More


Storage in Assamese is known as the pasi. Its a light weight container and you can use to store an assortment of fruits and herbs. Learn More
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