About Us 


Weekend is around the corner. You have recently moved in to a new house. You need to spice up your room with some quirky, little stuff. So you decide to look around a little bit over the internet and call your colleague to pick her brains. But choices are one too many.

Given the vastness of the internet and the product range that you see on the popular platforms, you'd realise products look quite familiar and somehow don’t fit into your style. After all home decoration reflects one's individuality and tastes. That is what makes you feel at HOME. We at Riveting Assam strive to fill that gap. Ours are locally based, genre specific collections of artefacts and peraphernalia, created straight from Assam.

Assam has not been in the buyer's radar for the lack of publicity and word of mouth. Now with the advent of small scale industry, it has come to the fore and millennials are thronging to get their fair share of its unique creations.


Skills have been passed on through generations to ingeniously produce crafts from bamboos and apparels and sarees from silkworms.

Handicrafts of Assam

What do we get excited about the most when it comes to buying things online? Its the authenticity and creativity with which artisans put in hours of work, materials that lay the foundation of worldclass designs perfectly mixing with those of modern times, that get us hooked to these choices.

Woman Weaving

Part of our program is dedicated towards the upliftment of the underprivileged people who are struggling to make ends meet because of the lack of a viable business model. We are trying to introduce the concept of the internet and enlighten them its usage that comes with long term benefits. Reliance Jio has greatly helped make internet cheap and accessible.

We have so far brought online 50 artisans from the farthest corner of the state of Assam. The sellers have their own profiles that they can maintain along with an inventory. We are sharing critical information with them that has helped them tailor the products based on user behaviour while we take care of the logistics and marketing.

Because of diaspora, people living out of the state are unable to get access to the wealth of information that are available only in local libraries. We are trying to digitise works of some eminent Assamese writers who have greatly contributed to the Assamese literature using OCR technology. We have published ebooks that can be dowloaded from our website and can be read anytime, anywhere.