One horned rhinoceros

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This one horned rhino weighs a little over 150 gms and is made of brass. It goes along well with any decorative piece.

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Brand Majul


About the brand:

Brass products are used for spiritual purposes. Khanen Gogoi takes pride in his family's legacy, having been among the first pioneers to introduce brass industry to the north east. His business offers a variety of products that are handmade that often require painstaking craftsmanships. Situated in Sarthebari, a village in eastern Assam, his firm employs over 50 workers.  If you are interested to know a bit more about him, please contact us.

Brass and Bell metal industry was once a flagellant, thriving industry in Assam. Because of the lack of government schemes and proper infrastructure to safeguard the interests of the metal craftsmen, states of Bihar and Orissa enjoy the lions share of today's metallurgical market. How? They have machineries to create these products which are sold for lesser price. Products are often copied which makes customers difficult to select the genuine product and purchase the machine ones.  Kohars are the people of  Assam who create these beautiful products using hands and a bunch of moulding tool. Skills they have are completely unique. 


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Name One horned rhinoceros

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